All monitors released to the market must have different specifications and features, these features and specifications will certainly be unique and attractive to potential buyers. Some people may choose an ultrawide monitor, because they want to be able to see a larger and larger image on their screen at once, while others may prefer a monitor with a higher resolution, for the sharpness of the resulting image.

Some may also prefer a monitor with a higher level of color accuracy, especially for photo and video editing, while others may prefer a monitor with a faster refresh rate. If the refresh rate is a factor when choosing a monitor, then you may be interested to know that monitor manufacturer BOE recently launched a prototype 27-inch monitor equipped with a 500Hz refresh rate.

BOE Mengungkap Monitor Dengan Refresh Rate yang Sangat Gila

Most monitors today feature a standard 60Hz refresh rate, but some gaming monitors may have a higher refresh rate of around 120Hz, 144Hz, or even 360Hz, so 500Hz is actually pretty crazy for a monitor. This means that your computer’s GPU can send a frame to the screen every 2 milliseconds, a much higher rate than a 60Hz monitor, where frames are displayed every 16.7ms.

BOE Mengungkap Monitor Dengan Refresh Rate yang Sangat Gila

A higher refresh rate is a feature that gamers really crave, as it will make the game feel and look smoother. Actually, this is not only exclusive to playing games because this speed will certainly be very, very useful for non-gaming purposes, such as when browsing websites because with a higher refresh rate, but we will also be able to scroll more smoothly and smoothly. Having said that, we don’t know if BOE is planning to make this monitor a reality or if they’re just showing off their technology.


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BOE Unveils Monitor With Crazy Refresh Rate

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