Maybe some of you remember when Apple planned to eliminate almost all ports on their laptops, which eventually resulted in some MacBooks only having a USB-C port?. If you think Apple’s decision is extreme enough, you should take a look at the mysterious laptop from a company called Craob.

On their website, they recently advertised a new laptop called the Craob X, which they claim is the world’s first laptop without a port. It’s not clear whether the image on the website is rendered or if it’s a real photo, because if the photo is real and the product doesn’t exist and isn’t a rendering of a concept, then that’s pretty awesome.

Craob X: Laptop Portless dengan Ukuran Super Tipis

According to the specifications on the website, this laptop weighs just under 1kg and is also incredibly thin, only about 7mm. The question is if there is no port how do people connect it and charge the laptop?. It looks like some peripherals like an external keyboard and mouse can connect via Bluetooth, but this laptop will likely also come with a charger that acts as a hub.

Craob X: Laptop Portless dengan Ukuran Super Tipis

Craob X: Laptop Portless dengan Ukuran Super Tipis

This charger attaches magnetically to the “lid” of the laptop and will be equipped with a number of ports, which may be able to transmit data via a magnetic interface to the laptop. Craob X really has a very unique and interesting design, but again it’s still unclear whether this is a concept or a legitimate product. The company does state on its website that the laptop will be “coming soon”, meaning that it is very likely that the super slim laptop will indeed be released to the market.


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Craob X: Super Thin Portless Laptop

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