GMT watches can be used to view two or three different times at once.

GMT watches are quite popular and functional for those who frequently travel abroad for work or traveling. This watch was originally often used by pilots and aviators in the 50s. At that time, foreign flights had become common, and more and more were carried out.

Pan Am, the largest airline service at the time, made a request to a watch company for a watch that could display 2 time zones at once. This watch will be given to the pilots so they can monitor the time in the city of origin and destination at the same time. Two companies have complied with this request, Glycine and Rolex. Glycine provides a 24-hour bezel that can be rotated to see the timezone of both.

While Rolex added a fourth hand that rotates fully in 24 hours and a 24-hour bezel on the outside. So the wearer will read the regular 12-hour hands for the first time zone the fourth hour hands and the 24-hour bezel for the second time zone. This Rolex design was loved by many and this design was later used by other watch manufacturers as a GMT watch template.


Jam Tangan GMT: Fungsi dan 5 Rekomendasi

GMT Watch Type

There are currently two types of GMT clocks. The first is the type of watch that can be used to easily adjust the main hand to the desired time without changing the other hands.

So just set your primary timezone on the GMT hand and change the main hour hand according to the new timezone. This type is commonly known by watch enthusiasts as the “flyer” and is favored by those who frequently travel outside.

There is another type of GMT known as the “office” or “caller” GMT. This type of one is also the same, there is a GMT hour hand and a regular hour hand. However, to set the GMT hands, you must also reset all the clock hands.

This watch is usually worn when you have coworkers collaborating from other time zones. Of course, the difference between the GMT office and the GMT Flyer is only the length of time it takes to set the time, so Office GMT watches can also be used for traveling.

In addition to displaying 2 time zones, some watches offer 3 time zones at once. For example, the Monta Skyquest watch which has both external and internal bezels.

So you can see the primary time zone with the main 12 hour dial and the second time zone with the GMT hour hand pointing at the bezel. The third time zone is calculated by the time difference between the GMT clock and the other bezel.

But clocks like this are rarer, but also quite functional if you need to monitor 3 time zones at once.

GMT Watch Recommendations

1. Monta Skyquest

Jam Tangan GMT: Fungsi dan 5 Rekomendasi

The Monta Skyquest is the most badass watch you can buy. The addition of a built-in bezel means you can see 3 time zones at once.

This watch can also be used to dive to a depth of 304 meters. So for use in the office, traveling, in the water, this watch always fits and looks good too.

2. Rolex GMT Master II

Jam Tangan GMT: Fungsi dan 5 Rekomendasi

Since its debut in 1954 as the Rolex GMT, it continues to be loved today. The blue-red Pepsi bezel is also unique. Hiconsumption writes that this Rolex waitlist has been around for years.

However, this 40 mm watch has had many series, continues to be trusted, and still looks luxurious to wear on the arm.

3. Zodiac Sea Wolf GMT

Jam Tangan GMT: Fungsi dan 5 Rekomendasi

Zodiac is one of the brands that entered the GMT collection in the early 1960s. They made the Sea Wolf Driver Aerospace GMT.

As of now, the GMT version of the Sea Wolf is still in production but no longer bears the Aerospace name. So you can check the collection of this one brand for other classic collections.

4. Bell & Ross BR V2-93 GMT

Jam Tangan GMT: Fungsi dan 5 Rekomendasi

The Bell & Ross BR V2-93 GMT has a vintage design in pilot watch style and a dual-tone 24-hour aluminum bezel. On the case back, there is an old-style image of a planet circling the earth.

This timepiece has a black dial, ETA 2893-2 automatic engine, and a bracelet strap. The GMT hand on the dial is orange in contrast to the monochrome background.

5. Tudor Black Bay GMT

Jam Tangan GMT: Fungsi dan 5 Rekomendasi

Debuted in 2018, this watch is functional and stylish at the same time. Featuring a Tudor MT5652 automatic movement, this timepiece has 70 hours of power reserve, a Pepsi bezel, and a dating hole at 3 o’clock. By design, it has a silver stainless steel case, black dial, and silver stainless steel bracelet.


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GMT Watches: Functions and 5 Recommendations

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