Horizon Aeronautics has created an eVTOL prototype with the hoverbike concept. This time in collaboration with Blainjett to show a new rotor system called ‘Dynamic Variable Pitch. This system uses the swashplate and cyclic control performance commonly used in helicopters.

Horizon dan Blainjett Keluarkan Prototipe Hoverbike eVTOL

Basically, Horizon’s main desire is to build an eVTOL aircraft the size of a jet ski. Weighing about 380 kg, it is slightly less than two sports motorbikes, and has a footprint of about 3.58 x 1,270 m that can accommodate one and three people.

Unfortunately, efficiency issues still need to be updated. Airflow through the side skirts of the hoverbike will only allow the use of fans in small diameter ducts. While it requires a lot of power when flying later. Horizon struggled to carry enough batteries to power it for long periods of time.

Horizon dan Blainjett Keluarkan Prototipe Hoverbike eVTOL

“Horizon Aeronautics memiliki batasan ruang dan kekuatan yang nyata,” jelas presiden Blainjett, Cary Zachary. “Ketika kami menyadari bahwa dapat memasang rotor pengangkat dengan cara tertentu dapat memaksimalkan ruang yang tersedia dan menggabungkan penempatannya dengan konsep dorong vektor kami. Maka kami tahu bahwa kami memiliki sesuatu yang unik.”

Sistem ini memungkinkan pengangkatan variabel, serta tingkat dorongan vektor tertentu. Tapi ini juga memberi Horizon sistem rotor berdiameter besar yang jauh lebih efisien daripada menggunakan kipas yang kecil. “Ternyata ketika kami membandingkan output dorong dan efisien kami dengan kipas yang disalurkan dan rotor yang kecil, kami dua-tiga kali lebih efisien dengan kepadatan daya dua-tiga kali lebih banyak sambil memasang di ruang yang tersedia,” kata Zachery.

Horizon dan Blainjett Keluarkan Prototipe Hoverbike eVTOL

Horizon’s official website simply says, “We’re building a hovercraft that revolutionizes short commutes for work commuters”, without going into detail. Contrary to Blainjett’s side, which says the company is working on a fully functional prototype ready to be tested by the end of the year. What happens when a jet ski motor floats in the air? It’s quite interesting to look forward to


Source: https://www.blackxperience.com/

Horizon and Blainjett Release the eVTOL Hoverbike Prototype

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