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Just because you brush your teeth every day doesn’t mean your teeth and gums are guaranteed to be clean or healthy. It all depends on how you brush your teeth. If you are trying to find a way to improve the hygiene of your teeth and gums better, Oral-B may be your choice. Oral-B recently launched the iO10, a “smart toothbrush” equipped with iOSense.

This toothbrush may seem technologically over-the-top, but at the same time, the various benefits it promises seem quite attractive. It comes with some basic functions like brushing time. This toothbrush can also direct you to make sure no part of the tooth is missed, it even can tell you how much pressure to use, so it won’t damage and injure your teeth or gums during the brushing process.

iO10: Sikat Gigi dengan Teknologi Termutakhir

iO10 also comes with seven different modes which include Daily Clean, Sensitive, Super-Sensitive, Intense, Whiten, Gum Care, and Tongue Clean. Oral B iO10 can be synced with the Oral-B app if you want to track your brushing habits and get more detailed information about how well you clean your teeth or changes in your brushing habits that need to be changed.

iO10: Sikat Gigi dengan Teknologi Termutakhir

At this time Oral-B hasn’t said how much the smart toothbrush will cost, but with the previous model being priced at around $300, this latest model is likely in the same price range. Those who are interested can directly visit the Oral-B website.


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iO10: Toothbrush with the Latest Technology

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