iPhone 14 Mungkin akan Mengadopsi Kamera dengan Sensor 48MP

iPhones are quite known for their camera quality. Although not yet arguably the best, the camera from this iPhone has proven to be quite good and of good quality, plus Apple has always maintained the consistency of the iPhone camera over the years. However, this year could be the year when we will see some major changes to the camera system present in the iPhone 14 Pro.

According to the latest rumors, for the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, it is likely that Apple will provide a major update to the main camera. Instead of the 12MP they are currently still using, the company wants to adopt a 48MP camera. although it’s not clear if this is just for the main camera or for all camera modules, we can expect at least one of those cameras to sport a 48MP sensor.

iPhone 14 Mungkin akan Mengadopsi Kamera dengan Sensor 48MP

This certainly could be enough news for iPhone users who for years have used a 12MP camera, while most Android phones have adopted a 48MP sensor or even higher. However, it should be noted that megapixels are not everything in a camera. Usually, it’s more about marketing and using numbers, but there are valid reasons to use a sensor with a higher megapixel count.

iPhone 14 Mungkin akan Mengadopsi Kamera dengan Sensor 48MP

Higher megapixels allow the camera to capture more detail, the detail that would otherwise be lost when the photo is enlarged or when printed. With a higher megapixel count, it gives users the flexibility to crop the image or print it in a larger format without losing a lot of detail.

Apple has been using a 12MP sensor since the iPhone 6s Plus, although the company has improved other aspects of the camera such as in the software section.

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iPhone 14 may adopt a camera with a 48MP sensor

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