Pixelpaint, Robot Pengecat Mobil Paling Keren!

Many human jobs are being replaced by robots today and in the future, it is a necessity. That is the logical consequence of innovative technology products that carry a mission of efficiency. Will the product of technological innovation make all people out of work? Time will answer everything.

To name one of the many technological products that have the potential to replace human work is a robot named Pixelpaint. Winning the prestigious “Robotics Award 2021”, this robot developed by ABB can do the coolest car paint jobs. The robot will create paintings that are not only more effective and sustainable but even know the limits of creativity.

Pixelpaint, Robot Pengecat Mobil Paling Keren!

It is only natural that this amazing new car painting technology product will receive the prestigious Robotics Award 2021, which recognizes innovations in automation processes. And this is not the first prize given to Pixelpaint made by Swiss-based ABB several years ago and recognized as a breakthrough innovation in the automotive industry.

Pixelpaint works with cells that use 2 robots to apply paint to the target area. But the trick is that it incorporates a high DPI inkjet painting head that prints paint directly on the surface, using a printing nozzle head, instead of spraying paint with standard atomizers.

Pixelpaint, Robot Pengecat Mobil Paling Keren!

So what are the results? 100% transfer efficiency and no more over-spraying, which if BlackPals doesn’t know, is one of the biggest problems with car paint. With standard procedures, only 70 to 80% of the paint gets onto the surface of the car, the rest is wasted. And it’s bad for the environment and expensive for car manufacturers.

Amazingly, what these 2 robots do is turn two of the craziest tones, a matte finish or a custom paint scheme, into reality. No more difficult and extensive painting processes where the car has to go through two paints because it must be masked before applying the second coat of color.

Pixelpaint, Robot Pengecat Mobil Paling Keren!

Thanks to RobotStudio’s programming software for bicolor and decorative painting applications, Pixelpaint can deliver highly individualized finishes, much faster and less expensively. Masking and de-masking, which were time-consuming, were eliminated, and this did not limit the design options in any way. On the other hand, imagination can now run free.


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Pixelpaint, The Coolest Car Painting Robot!

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