Unfortunately, during the pandemic, which makes traveling not as easy as it used to be, it requires you to do careful planning. To help you plan your vacation well, there’s nothing wrong with taking a peek at a range of apps and tips designed for more efficient travel.


Google Maps

Search for a Google Maps location, open the info card and a ‘saved’ icon appears on Android, iOS, and the web. If you touch the icon, you can add a place to one of the available folders, or you can create a new folder and name it however you want.

The list of saved places can be set to private or shared, allowing you to simply keep them to yourself or share them with friends. You are free to add destinations such as restaurants, landmarks, or child-friendly places.

Google Maps lets you save directions for up to 10 consecutive places. You just need to load the step instructions, starting from any place listed in the list. It also comes with a notepad, where you can make your own notes for each place in the list.

Apple Maps

Similar to Google Maps, Apple Maps also lets you add the locations you want to visit in a separate list. You can create one list for your entire trip, or create multiple lists for your next vacation. When you view a place that has been added to a guide in Apple Maps, the list will be accessible from its info card.

To return to the guide, tap the user icon to the right of the iOS search bar or select a guide from the left navigation pane for macOS. Here, you have the option to add new places, change the order of the list, change guide photos, and much more.


Third-Party Apps

If you need more than Google Maps and Apple Maps, there are a variety of third-party alternatives available. One of the highest-rated is TripIt, which keeps a list of all the places you want to visit. Apart from that, the app also manages your accommodation bookings and travel arrangements, whether by bus, train, plane, or otherwise.

The next alternative is the Sygic Travel Maps app, which is great if you don’t know exactly where you’re going in a certain area. This app will give you suggestions as you browse the map. Once selected, the app provides advanced info about travel times and other useful info for your trip.


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Plan Your Vacation with These Apps

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