Nowadays, the world of video blogs (VLOG) and podcasts or streaming is increasingly being recognized by many people. Of course, in doing this, you need a Microphone that can record sound very well. What’s an image without good sound quality?

Of the many microphones sold, Rode is one of the well-known brands for things related to sound. Many vloggers or podcasters use this brand, just looking for quality sound. Well, to maximize users who want to do podcasts, Rode released its new product, namely Rode NT-USB.

Rode Rilis Mikrofon Baru Untuk Pemula

The presence of the Rode NT-USB is clearly a new challenger for other microphones that are more popular among streamers and podcasters, such as Blue or Yeti Nano. The Yeti Nano itself is priced at $99. For the NT-USB itself, Rode will sell for the same price as the Yeti Nano, and also the quality is higher than the Yeti Nano.


Best of all, the Rode NT-USB looks simpler and easier to carry, which has a button on the front to adjust the headphone volume.. besides that there is also a connection for a USB Type C cable and a 3.5mm headphone jack on the back. There is also a holder (filter pop) that can rotate up to 360 degrees, making it easy to use, just by twirling the microphone. This NT-USB is for sale, not aimed at professionals, but more towards beginners trying podcasts or streaming. If you are already proficient, you can buy a more sophisticated one at a later date.


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Rode Releases New Microphone For Beginners

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