Samsung Sedang Mengembangkan Smart Guitar

Surely some of you have tried to learn guitar by yourself. It might be a little tricky, because the diagrams you read online to show the cords, will look different when you try them on live guitar. Of course, we definitely have to understand these keys, so that when we put them into practice they sound good. How, if there is a guitar that can make it all easier.

Samsung Sedang Mengembangkan Smart Guitar

The guitar was developed by Samsung through C-Lab. This is a smart electric guitar, called the ZamString. This guitar is equipped with LEDs built into the fretboard itself, these LEDs can be used to highlight the finger positions required for a key. This means, instead of trying to figure out the shape of the key from online or a book diagram, you can simply place your finger where the LED lights up and you’re good to go.

The LEDs will also help guitarists know the chords they need to play a song, so just follow the lights and you can start playing a song right away. This guitar also comes with a smartphone app that lets you add effects and sync with other musicians around the world.

Actually, it’s not a completely new concept, but still, it looks very interesting. Samsung will most likely be showing it off at CES 2022 which will kick off next week.



Samsung is Developing a Smart Guitar

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