Finding a parking space for these items can be a problem, especially if you live in an apartment. In addition to its practicality, this transportation is very likely to be stolen if you don’t store it safely.

Answering this problem, a Japanese start-up company, Icoma, introduced Tatamel. This folding motorcycle concept has been announced last year and it will happen soon. Recently, Icoma released a fully functional Tatamel prototype and the company plans to bring it into production soon.

When you want to store it, Tatamel can be folded into the size of a suitcase and can be placed under your desk. It measures about 70 cm long, 68 cm high and 26 cm wide, so it’s no bigger than a trunk. The company doesn’t mention the weight of the vehicle, which currently appears to be the only thing going against it running as the city’s most friendly means of private transportation. This folding tatamel can be rolled like a skateboard with a hinged handle.

When ready to go, the Tatamel Motorcycle folds up with the seat extending backward, the frame folded, as well as the handlebars. The size has almost doubled now at 123 cm x 100 cm x 65 cm. It’s still small compared to similar vehicles but has everything you need to legally drive on the road. That includes bright LED lights, brake lights, and turn lights, and you also get pegs for your feet and supports.

This Motorcycle has 600 watts of power sourced from a 12-Ah lithium-ion-phosphate battery. As a result, the Tatamel can reach a top speed of 40 km/h and a maximum range of around 50 km on a single charge. You may need to charge it every day, depending on your trip. A portable power supply is included, so you can charge smaller devices on the go. It should be noted that the performance figures are estimates for the final production model.

Even when ready for the road, the e-bike is still very small and, as such, is only comfortable for riders of slim and medium height. The idea is not to be an e-bike that looks scary or impressive, but to be something that gets you moving instead of walking or pedaling, and without having to use public transport.

Here, ICOMA hopes to attract young buyers who are the target demographic for this product, by offering customization options. The company says the side panels on the Tatamel can be made of any material and in any color. So you may be able to match it to your furniture or workplace, which blends in perfectly to suit your needs.


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Tatamel : Foldable Electric Motorcycle

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