If you own a PC, especially a Gaming Computer, and display it like a “work of art”, of course you will want more than just cleaning and maintaining it. For that, we recommend removing all its components from the PC case. Removing all components from the PC case means you have to redo all positioning and wiring “management”, drain the water-cooling loops (*if applicable), and also remove all caddy drives. It’s tedious, but the end result will be worth it.

Note: We recommend an antistatic wrist strap when handling any component. If you don’t have one, touch your PC case periodically to protect yourself. The following are the steps to clean your gaming PC.

Gaming Computer
Gaming Computer
  • Remove all components and place them on a non-conductive surface. If you remove the CPU heat sink (not necessary), note that you will have to remove and reapply the thermal paste.
  • Use compressed air and a lint-free cloth to remove any accumulated dust that is still visible from your eyes. Pay special attention to gaps, plastic casing, and heat sink components. Also, clean the dust filter thoroughly.
  • To clean the fan blades, hold them steady and wipe or wipe each blade individually.
  • If there are fingerprints or oily marks on a component, use a cotton swab and isopropyl alcohol or equivalent to clean it. Make sure to let it dry before putting it back on.
  • Some components, such as graphics cards, can accumulate dust in enclosed areas. Cleaning it may require disassembling the card, it can be done if you have the right tools (small hex and Torx bits are often required).

Tips Untuk Membersihkan Gaming CPU

There are certain components, such as the interior of the PSU, that you cannot effectively clean without disassembling it and will void the warranty agreement. Doing it carelessly can also be quite dangerous. Instead, we recommend using a can of compressed air with a long straw attached to give it a slight blow to remove stubborn dust. When you turn it on, the fan and airflow will automatically remove the remaining dust that is still attached to the back.

When finished cleaning, collect all the components. Take this opportunity to do a bit of cable management as it can help avoid dust build-up by creating cleaner air passages through the system.


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Tips For Cleaning Gaming Computer (PC)

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